• GEMun 2019

    February 8-9



    GEMUN is the most prestigious Model United Nations of the French Alps. It is organised by GEMONU, the geopolitics association of Grenoble École de Management, a top Business Schools in France and Europe.

    Grenoble École de Management Model United Nations GEMUN

    A Model United Nations is a simulation of the real UN where participants, or "delegates", have an insight of the real job of a diplomat. The aim of the simulation is to give participants the experience of representing a country in an international organisation while acquiring international relations knowledge. All delegates are given the opportunity to develop skills in negotiation, debating, public speaking ad network development by engaging in an immersive and diplomatic role-play.


    Now more than ever, young people need to engage in geopolitics and international matters. The world's future is in our hands and we will have the power to correct humanity's mistakes but only if we learn from them. GEMUN brings you the best opportunity to do so by simulating current and past world issues while delegates find a way to solve them.


    Today, you will be debating on a simulation. Tomorrow, you will be changing the world.

    A word from the Secretary General


    Dear Delegates,


    The entire Organizing Team is proud to welcome you to the GEM Model United Nations 2018 conference which will take place on February 9th, 10th and 11th. We do our utmost to prepare you a unique experience during which you will have the opportunity to represent a country's position during political issues while maintaining diplomacy. We promise you have never experienced diplomacy this way. You cannot miss it.

    In our simulation, you can choose to be part of 2 English-Speaking committees , a French-speaking committee, and a Game of Thrones themed English-Speaking committee. Furthermore, to enhance your MUN experience, we will complement the debate with unforgettable social events in the most amazing venues Grenoble has to offer. Here, refinement and elegance prevail.


    Hope to see you soon for the best diplomatic experience of your life

    -GEMUN's Secretary General

  • committees

    Committee GEMUN Grenoble École de Management  Model United Nations

    Peace and Security Council (PSC)

    Language: English

    Recommended for: all delegates

    Topic : How to stop illegal trafficking in Africa?

    Committee GEMUN Grenoble École de Management  Model United Nations

    United Nations Security Council

    Language: English

    Recommended for: all delegates

    Description: Ensuring security for humanity

    Topic : The arrival of aliens

    Committee GEMUN Grenoble École de Management  Model United Nations

    Conseil Européen

    Langue: FRANÇAIS

    Recommandé pour: tous les délégués

    Topic: Comment gérer la crise des migrants en Europe ?

  • Download   GEMUN's Rules and Procedures


    Download our Rules and Procedures to learn GEMUN's adequate vocabulary and debate process.

  • GEMUN organising TEAM

    GEM ONU organiser of GEMUN Grenoble École de Management Model United Nations


    Diplomacy and Geopolitics Association

    GEM ONU is a student association of Grenoble Graduate School of Business (Grenoble Ecole de Management). It focuses on geopolitics, international relations and diplomacy. Its members participate in various Model United Nations all over the world such as the NMUN in the UN Headquarters, publish weekly articles regarding current world issues, and organise UN-related events such as the GEMONU and the HULT PRIZE.

    GEM host school of GEMUN Grenoble École de Management Model United Nations

    Grenoble Ecole de Management

    Grenoble Graduate School of Business

    Currently one of the best French business schools, Grenoble Ecole de Management has a special focus on technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

    GEM organizes each year its Geopolitics festival and gather speakers experts on international resources, including professors, economists and politicians. The tenth edition will tackle the following topic : "An American twenty-first century ?".
    Furthermore, the school is one of the founding members of GIANT (Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New technologies), a worldwide campus for innovation and research.

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